Saturday, December 15, 2012

Open to Change - A New 12 Step Fellowship With Strong Anorexia Recovery

Holdover members from last year's planning committee met today to vote on whether another retreat will take place next year. We voted 3-0-0 to have a summer 2013 Anorexia retreat. The details are in the earliest stages of planning (where, what date, how much, etc).

Just as important, the resolution that was decided today is that we are also starting a new fellowship. This had been talked about, thought about on/off for a very long time. The idea is that Anorexia recovery will thrive and be abundant in the new fellowship. This too is in the very earliest stages of development and none of us know fully what the fellowship will walk and talk like - we only know that it is the next right action.

Here is what we will work on in the coming weeks/months:
  1. The Principles that will define the fellowship and meet needs that are not met in other fellowships.
  2. A Preamble (1st draft is now complete)
  3. 12 Steps (1st draft is now complete)
We have now chosen a name for the fellowship (though it is still tentative and we are planning to discuss this topic in a few months again). The name for the fellowship is Open To Change.

For more information or to help with any of the above email

- Committee Member, Ayana P.